How Can APIs Help You Reduce

Uber, Facebook, and PayPal- these are some familiar names in the modern world. However, several internet users are not aware that they have already used the Application Programming Interface. The term, API, is something confusing for consumers. But, lots of organizations have taken advantage of it to ensure automation. APIs help in providing the best… ...
Digitising Your Business To Take Care of Any Pandemic

Digitising Your Business To

The pandemic has brought significant changes to businesses, such as the need to digitise your business. This means turning your pre-pandemic daily operations, business travel, in-person meetings, and paper-based transactions to be done online. Without such, your business may not thrive during the pandemic.  While some companies have already begun their digital transformation, some haven’t.… ...
Data Security While Working Remotely

Data Security While Working

Working remotely became more popular during the pandemic. While this is beneficial to most, one problem with it is the vulnerability of data for remote workers. When data is unsecured, the data from the worker and company are exposed to cybersecurity threats. For instance, cybercriminals can use your data to hack into your system, steal… ...
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