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We Enable Entrepreneurs to Grow and Scale their Business using simple Technologies

Why We Exist

The world is changing at a rapid pace. Technology such as the Internet and, Artificial Intelligence are now essentials rather than luxuries. Organisations are struggling to manage the pace of this change and will not be able to cope if they stand alone. For businesses to manage the ever-changing world, they will need a strong partner to support growth  either by providing skilled resources, or by developing the right technology to manage business change or by  offering information enabling better business decisions.

At Corient Technologies, we support entrepreneurs by blending the best of People and Technology. Our solutions use state-of-the-art technologies (best in class) to meet your requirements and help to grow and scale your business.

Our Principals Principles?

Our principles framework acts as the structure for what we should do and should not do. It helps us bind together with our clients, team members, suppliers, communities and country at large.

What We Do For You

Corient develops the solutions you need using custom applications and API Development & Integration. Our talented team will connect your mobile apps, web store, accounting systems, shipping fulfilment, ERP/CRM services, merchant payment services, support tickets and many more-Corient can connect them all.

To us, it is more than automation. It is giving entrepreneurs more confidence in growing their business.

Typical Project Process

Project Kick off

We can add point about Discovery for best solution before mentioning delievry of chosen solution.

Testing and Training

We will run through testing with you on the system to ensure it is delivering the desired results and we will also train you and your staff on the applications.

Design and Configuration

With your assistance we build and configure the selected application(s) based on your requirements.

Go Live and Handover

At the go live date we will move across your balances, perform data migration if required and hand hold you with go live support.

Why Our Customers Love Us

1 .
Requirements first, solutions second!

We understand your processes, requirements and growth plans before even discussing or recommending a solution which is absolutely key to getting things right the first time around.

2 .
We give you advice

Selecting the right software can be challenging! We have a portfolio of solutions we have meticulously selected to ensure we can cover the sectors we focus on and aid our clients in selecting the right solution for them.

3 .
We save you money

By recommending the right solutions for businesses we can really automate the way businesses operate, reducing manual intervention saving time and money.

4 .
Experienced you can trust

Whether you're a small business that is adverse to the industry jargon or a larger business with more complex requirements we have the right team in place with the relevant industry specific experience.

Corient Tech Stack


Robust, functional & cost effective website and Application for your business.

Software Applications


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We understand your processes, requirements and growth plans before even discussing..

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