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From Raw Data to Actionable Insights: The Power BI Advantage

Businesses and professionals utilise Microsoft Power BI on a daily basis as a platform for data visualisation and reporting. Business analysts frequently use the platform, but it’s also made to be user-friendly for people without any specific expertise with data. This article will provide you with more information about Power BI, its applications in contemporary business, and the professionals who use it most frequently.

What is meant by Power BI?

At its most basic level, Power BI allows businesses to extract unprocessed data from a variety of cloud-based (SaaS) systems and convert it into processed data using a robust, user-friendly interface (UI). Furthermore, the platform separates out the important details to offer priceless insights into the metrics that specific users require.

Power BI is utilised for what purpose?

Power BI is made to provide you with data-driven insights, regardless of your level of experience with data or your level of introduction to the corporate world. Among the most popular applications for the platform are:

Making dashboards and reports with visuals to display data sets in various ways.
Connecting several data sources like cloud-based data storage, Excel sheets, and on-site data warehouses and turning them into business insights.
Data can be visualised in a variety of ways, with some examples being pie charts, decomposition trees, gauge charts, KPIs, combo charts, bar and column charts, and ribbon charts, among many more possibilities.
Establishing a data-driven work culture throughout the organisation by making data, data visualisation tools, and insights available to all employees.

Why is Power BI unique?

Given the variety of business intelligence solutions available, why do 97% of business leaders prefer to use Power BI? Naturally, reports are available in Power BI. Any user can actually create dynamic reports with a few clicks. However, data modelling is arguably the most significant component, along with data transformation and discovery. ​

Because Power BI is SaaS, there are no upfront expenditures for hardware and no maintenance fees for creating and displaying reports through a centralized dashboard on a mobile device or PC. Power BI has automatic upgrades and is both portable and expandable. ​

Lastly, it offers users access to a library of pre-trained yet configurable machine learning models, which is helpful for companies wishing to incorporate machine learning techniques into their operations. These algorithms for machine learning.

Key Components of Power BI

Power query:
Power Query serves as both the mashup and data transformation engine. To suit your analysis needs, it enables you to find, connect, integrate, and improve data sources.

Power Pivot:
Using the Power Pivot data modelling technique, you may create relationships, computations, and data models. It represents both simple and complicated data using the Data Analysis Expression (DAX) language.

Power View:
Power View is a feature of Power BI, SQL Server, SharePoint, and Excel. With its help, you can create interactive graphs, maps, charts, and other visual aids for data visualization. It can establish a connection with data sources and filter data for every element of the data visualization or the entire report.

Power Map:
A 3-D data visualisation tool from Microsoft called Power Map for Excel and Power BI lets you map and plot over a million rows of data visually on Bing maps in 3-D format from an Excel table or Data Model in Excel.

Power BI Desktop:
Using an Excel table or Data Model in Excel, you can map and plot over a million rows of data visually on Bing maps in 3-D format using Microsoft’s Power Map for Excel and Power BI tool for 3-D data visualization.

Use of Power BI in the real world

Business intelligence platforms that can convert data into insights, reports, and interactive visualisations are becoming increasingly vital to the day-to-day operations of the products and services that companies offer. ​

To maximise building efficiency, a university could, for instance, install a digital twin-style system to gather real-time data on vital building systems. They may then link these data sources to Power BI and pinpoint areas that require development. ​

When an advertising company launches a digital marketing campaign, it may use Power BI to integrate many data sources and create a dashboard with key performance indicators to track the campaign’s efficacy. This would enable marketers to comprehend more clearly which marketing channels are more effective in reaching their target market.


The most precious resource in the world is quality data, just like other resources, demands a profound grasp of how to separate gems from raw materials. The gems that businesses depend on for data-driven intelligence are mined, harvested, and polished by an experienced Power BI developer. Corient Tech, sister company of Corient Business Solutions offers Power BI services which includes services such as data collection and integration, data cleansing and transformation, Custom Power BI dashboards and so on. If you need Power BI service or consultation connect with us our expert team will help you in the best possible way

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